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“The students at Carencro High School enjoyed Ms. LeBlanc’s message. They liked that she was “real with them” and spoke honestly about her childhood and the struggles she overcame.  The majority of the students left the presentation by shaking her hand or giving her a hug.  That shows the impact she made on the students and the respect they had for her.  That is not something you normally see in a high school. When asking the students what they thought, they said that Ms. LeBlanc gave them hope and that they will wear the bracelet to remember to “Break the Cycle” like she did.

A class set of the tablets is available for checkout to teachers wanting to do class novels with the students.  The rest will be distributed to students receiving honors at the end of the year.”
—Trista Badeaux, Librarian, Carencro High

Dear Deborah LeBlanc,

This is one of the students from Comeaux, I was the one that told you thank you for all you’ve done and that you’re the most inspirational women I’ve ever met. I am messaging you to say the things I didn’t get to say in person because I was trying to make it quick, so the others could tell you what they wanted to say. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I am really thankful for what you’ve done for us, and that you really are the most inspirational person I’ve met, I know ditto right, but their is more. I also wanted to tell you that your presentation really hit home for me. I may have not grew up in the projects, or had a mother whom abused more, or had a mother who was addicted to prescription drugs, but it still hit home. Instead of having a mother like that, I have a dad who would beat my brothers, my mom even, until she put him in jail because my grandpa said that’s enough, my dad was on cocain and he’d smoke weed, and he would drink a lot, I have had people sexually assault me left and right, bullied all elementary years, middle school everybody hated me expect for my little group of “outcasts” but I hated myself more than anyone, and my family would constantly call me a whore and my mom had started believing them, and it was so much, too much. Eventually I had tried to kill myself and got hospitalized, but being put into a mental hospital made me realize that if I wanted to be happy id have to get new friends, friends who weren’t so pessimistic, but most importantly I had to learn to love myself, and I had to know that as long as I know I’m not a whore then screw what my family has to say. Well, when I hit high school I started getting better, but I have social anxiety bad, a manic depression so even though I’m not so sad I still fall, sometimes I have really good days, sometimes I have really bad days for no reason. And the reason I’m telling you this is because recently I’ve been so stressed, with midterms, and stressed with trying to pass all my classes, I’m also struggling with feeling alone, feeling like no one understands, feeling like a failure, and feeling unwanted. But hearing what you had to say, hearing your story, made me really think. It’s made me see that if you could survive your past, if you could have so many things to be stressing about and you could be so successful with only you by your side most of the way, then I can over come my anxiety, I can over come my depression, I could get through this week, this year. You’ve really helped me today just by telling us what you’ve told us. You didn’t just get my school tablets, you helped me realize that I can stay strong, I can get through this, so thank you for that. You are truly the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, and you are most definitely the strongest women I have ever met. Also, it is my goal to read at least one of your books, I’ve loved reading before you made that presentation so, I can’t really say you inspired me to read, but I can say that you’ve inspired me to stay strong. I’ve started loving books since middle school, after reading the Vladmir Todd series. It made me realize that it’s the perfect outlit from life, it takes me away from my life and my thoughts to a whole new life, a whole new world, into someone else’s thought. At one point in my life I had decided I wanted to write books myself, so I started writing one but I’m never very good at commiting to that kind of thing, can I blame it on my ADD? “(I’m just gonna blame it on my ADD). Anyways, I’m gonna stop typing this now, I’m gonna stop wasting your time. Thanks for reading, you don’t have to reply if you don’t want to, I just figured I’d tell you.

Love,  10th grade student from Comeaux High School.

“The workshop was very enlightening to my students. It not only motivated them to read, but excited them about the challenge. I was thrilled by the way you were able to relate to the students, get on their level and share with them the boundless opportunities that await them if they only try.”
Tisha P., English Department, Waddell High School, Charlotte, NC

“The kids still talk about your visit. They were so impressed and you made such a positive impact on them! Thank you.”
Stephanie R., English Department, West Seattle High School, Seattle, WA

“By listening to your speech and stories it has made me think twice about my life and what I should do with it. I have come to realize what reading can do for you. I believe that reading can take you to many places and many adventures if you take the time to open one up.
Martin V., Student

“On behalf of Dr. Parker and Kashmere High School, I just want to thank you all for the presentation yesterday. Ms. LeBlanc was entertaining, enlightening, and inspirational. It brought me great joy to see students reading their books this morning. As the literacy coach at an inner-city high school, I live the struggle of teaching students the power of literacy. It takes programs like Ms. LeBlanc’s, which unite technology and the written word, to spark the interests of this century’s youth. Keep up the good work. Thanks once again for spending your time with Kashmere High School. We appreciate your mission and your hard work.”
Tameika A., Literacy Coach and Campus Lead Mentor, Kashmere High School, Houston, TX

“Wow. Thank you for giving us a part of yourself. You touched many young hearts today just being your authentic self.  I feel grateful to you for sharing and giving back to people in such a big way.”
Tammy, English Teacher

“I can’t thank you enough for doing such an outstanding job with your presentation at JFK. They exceeded our wildest expectations
Linda B., English Teacher

“I thank you for your motivational speech. You showed or actually told me that no matter how bad your past or present may have been, you can always overcome it and be the best that you can be.”
Courtney R., Student

“Your speach was amazing! Sitting there and listening to your story touched me in many ways. Your story inspired me to push myself harder in life. ”
Chase M., Student

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. You are truly an inspiration to me! You made me realize I can do anything with my life.”
Jennifer C., Student

“The very day you told your speech I realized the truth of my life.  You inspired me to be all I can be and keep my skills in drawing up.  I plan to get a good education and maybe squeeze in some art school too.  When I die, I want to know that I accomplished something, and made a difference in someone’s life, just like you.  Thank you so much for your time, speech, and books.”
Shane W., Student

“I want to thank you for coming to McKinley, the two books, and the visit.  Not too many people would take time out and do that.  Now I see someone cares and I’m going to continue reading books and go to college.”
Diera D., Student

“Wow. You moved a lot of kids today. Thank you SO much for coming to Western Heights. You were certainly the talk of the day, and kids were digging into both books. Our department chair told me you provided the best assembly we’ve ever had, and that your no-nonsense approach was just what the kids needed. I completely agree. All the English teachers loved it. The librarians loved it, and the kids did, too. We really appreciate you coming. Thank you!”
Steve Wedel, English Teacher, Western Heights High, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I am from Western Heights High school. I read one of your books my freshman year (A House Divided). I loved it. It is my Junior year. You came to visit my school and we received two of your books. I have read both and they are awesome. More importantly you gave a speech that inspired me. I have had a similar life but not as bad as yours when you were young. I am really trying to apply myself and do all that I can to do my best in school. I just wanted to thank you because if i hadn’t have heard your speech that day I wouldn’t be doing do well. I want to thank you because just by telling your story you have helped so much and I will be looking forward to reading several more books. You have inspired me as well as many others. Keep on doing your speeches you really do make a difference.”
Amber, Student

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