School We Loved Visiting

Carencro High

We were pleased with a two-fer last week! Not only did Northside High get 200 free Itablets, but Carencro High School scored big time, as well. They received 200 free Itablets, 200 free books, and hundreds of Stay True to You reminder bands. The Literacy Inc and Fright Trail crew who attended were truly blown away by their hospitality!

Northside High School

Last week we were graced with the pleasure of presenting Northside High School with 200 free Itablets, 200 free books, and hundreds of Stay True to You silicone reminder bands. The students and staff were gracious and terrific!

Acadiana High Hits Home Run!

This morning we were graced with the pleasure of presenting Acadiana High School with 200 free Itablets and over a thousand reminder bands. The reception from the students was fantastic. A big shout out to Principal David LeJeune and the entire staff of Acadiana high for allowing this to happen!

Comeaux High Makes the Grade!

A HUGE Thank you to every one who attended Fright Trail in October! Because of you, we are able to donate 39 cases of Itablets, which we are splitting between two high schools. The first batch went to Comeaux High because so many of their students supported the Trail in October. Principal Mary Sonnier was very gracious in allowing us to put Fright Trail postcards in the school, which made many of the students aware that we even existed. Due to their enthusiasm and the remarkable turnout and support they supplied, Comeaux High was chosen as one of the schools to receive a large batch of Itablets. I gave a presentation there this morning and couldn’t have asked for a more attentive group of students or responsive teachers! And to add a delicious lagniappe to it all was KLFY and The Daily Advertiser was there to capture the event. :) Take a look at some of the pics we took this morning…… Thanks again Comeaux High! Keep an eye out for our next school post—Acadiana High on January  7th!