Interested in donating to Literacy, Inc.?

Please send donations to:

Literacy, Inc.
P.O. Box 92180
Lafayette, LA 70509

Donate using PayPal or credit card:

If you shop on Amazon and checkout through the Amazon Smile program, you can choose Literacy Inc. as the charity to receive a small percentage of that sale.

Every Ereader, wristband, and presentation given to students and/or schools are given at NO CHARGE. The only way we’re able to do accomplish this is through sponsorships from corporations and donations from wonderful people like you. This basically means we have to count on you to keep our dream alive.

One of our biggest fundraisers for Ereaders is an event called Fright Trail, a haunted attraction production we hold each weekend in October in Scott, Louisiana. Every other dollar raised for Ereaders and especially the wristbands, comes from individual donations.

So, with all that said, if you’re ever in Scott, Louisiana on a weekend in October, we hope you’d come and support our Fright Trail event. And if not, we unabashedly ask that you click on the yellow DONATE button (on the left panel) and help further our cause. No donation is considered too big or small!

If you would like Deborah to do a Stay True to You presentation at your local public middle or high school simply click the contact button in the navigation bar and send her a request. Remember, we charge nothing for travel, the presentation or the wristbands. Everything is free to the school and students. And if you’re not located in Louisiana but would like to make a donation that will provide Ereaders and wristbands for a middle school or high school of your choice regardless of the state, simply let us know and we will make it happen.

If you would like to purchase a silicone band for yourself just make a donation for five dollars and let us know the type of wristband you’d prefer. If you’d like one of our T-shirts, all it will take is a $20 donation, your address, size, and style preference, and it’s yours.

Whether you purchase one bracelet or one T-shirt for yourself or make a donation for an entire school know that you are giving the greatest gift one human being can give another. The gift of hope.

501(c)3 information

Literacy Inc is dedicated to fighting illiteracy in America, especially among our teens. Where our nation’s young adults are concerned, the rate of illiteracy is reaching epidemic proportions, and we need your help to reverse this trend. For only $7, you can provide a high school student with books that may lead him or her towards a free college education.

Whether you choose to donate $7 for one student or thousands to sponsor an entire high school’s population, your contribution will play a part in creating a more literate society. More importantly, you will be giving America’s teens the one thing they need most-hope for a better future.

Please, join us in the fight against illiteracy in America’s teens and become a sponsor today!